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Comedian • Actor • Host

Best Comedy Open Mics in New York City

I often get asked by newer or visiting comics for open mic recommendations, so I figured I’d compile a list of the mics I like (or ones that have been highly recommended to me). For me personally, the mics that I feel are worth going to are the ones that are the closest approximation to a real show – i.e. ones with a supportive group of comics (super bonus if a mic gets real audience) who listen and will laugh if something is funny.  I understand that some comics like to “toughen” themselves with a tough crowd whom you have to fight (or strip) to even get their attention, but I think the better approximation the mic is to a real show with a real audience, the faster you’re going to know whether your material works or not.  For a very comprehensive list of all the open mics in the NYC area (and some other cities too) you can go to  Enjoy!

Update: Nov 27, 2018 – I haven’t been going to AS many mics these days (I’ve been getting booked on more shows hurray!) so this list isn’t as comprehensive as it used to be (had to take out a few mics that are no longer running). Feel free  to email me at if you have a tip for a good mic.  And because things can change in a New York minute, always double check to make sure a mic I mention is still running before you shlep on over!



  1. sidewalk cafe: Signup 7.30pm (lottery) show starts 8pm can go LONG (like midnight or 1am) but it is a primarily non comic audience as it’s a mixed mic and if you get to go up on the earlier end, definitely feels like a real show
  2. Inspired word open mic at Parkside Lounge 7pm start, 7 mins, mixed mic – sign up in advance at


  1. Mulligans at hoboken (feedback mic, free!)
  2. For “women, queer and other gender non-conforming voices” SUP LOL Open Mic.  Comics are mostly very new but very supportive.


  1. Gladys’ mic at Comic Strip Live email Gladys to signup:
  2. Duplex 5pm sign up, 6.30pm start
  3. Brooklyn House of Comedy


  1. Grisly pear comedy mob – email George vanarthos for a spot: – this mic is SICK and is almost always like a real show. Can’t recommend this one highly enough. Tip: One of the talent bookers of Standup NY is often in the audience for this mic
  2. Music Inn 8pm signup, 9pm start
  3. Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn 7pm – you get a free pizza with a drink


  1. Felicia Madison’s mic at West Side Comedy Club – 12 noon (5 mins plus 2 mins of feedback. I’m a big believer in getting feedback on my bits – a different pair of eyes can just see things you didn’t) to signup.  This mic got so popular she’s added other time slots so check them out! 
  2. Glady’s mic at Comic Strip Live email Gladys to signup:


  1. Blackcat LES Comedians on the loose – 7pm and 9pm – there are real people sitting at this cafe so you often get some real audience. Online signup:
  2. Bitter End Open mic 12.30pm sign up 1pm-5.30pm mic. Mixed mic so feels more like a real audience
    1. 4pm at The Lantern.  Buy one drink for 5 minutes